Today’s prompt  was to write a epistolary poem.

For you,

Forgive me. Forgive this ice mountain
that held my space, the small blue flowers
that opened in place of my heart,

I have missed much, I know; a full forward roll
and the juggle of many skies escaping the light
of one another: once I forecast Perseids

but delivered pebbles to skim – this was so long ago
that even the water swallowed its nerves, waiting bone
still for a splinter to wrinkle its skin.

Now I sleep like a dog in winter. I dream as one too,
perpetually chased by you; I wake lower to the ground
but dejected. You never had quite the right word to hand.

I hope you found your reflection. I hope the echo
reached you clear, from the station of my silence
that means both everything and nothing at all.



Picture credit: http://www.thejournal.ie/russia-colour-photos-2765326-May2016/




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