Today’s prompt was to write a poem reflecting on being in the middle of something. It is perhaps more fair to say this is more an attempt to write poetry whilst being in the middle of a lot of other things; it’s composed of found, overheard and free-written phrases.

Poem in which I am Inside the Eye of a Hurricane,

hip bones somewhere/
all I wanted was the tour
of/ alleged happiness/ to travel light/

unregulated as/a doctor./
point my /swamp heart/
unfathomable under/ apple

trees/ towards destruction/ the earth
churned up/ the sea dispersed/
thoughts forgiven for being/

written down/ humble
and coined/ skewbald./
slowing down/ better not be/

the new destruction.



Picture credit: Lucille Handberg 1927, also used for Siouxsie & the Banshees Tinderbox album




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