Today’s prompt  was to try a ghazal. I’m a little unsure of how successful this is, but it was nice to try!


if i give in to you it’s for fields burning yellow
it’s for stars small and glad in their crown hoods of yellow.

the birds all found fortune in the pit of the meadow
their calls strip my heart so its chirrup turns yellow.

this isn’t me: i can’t sleep for all i know
& the moon swell – a beast all a-brass & bone-yellow.

failure was the rabbit, wild & far from its burrow
came apart at the seam strings, small, pale and yellow.

buried in the sea is all that i held below
the surface of skin that is cold and gold-yellow.

he sighs, god damn it, carla & it’s too sharp to swallow:
signed up for a goddess, got a cloud of dust yellow.



Picture credit: From WW Denlow’s Night Before Christmas, more at:




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