Old Photos of Car Accidents in The 1940's (25)

Today’s prompt  was to write a poem of repetition. It took me a long time to get going with this, but once I had a first bite I was off and away. Audio here.


it has been a long winter and I thought I’d lost you
once or twice already; a long winter with the thought
of spring muffled in the first blue sky, the crisp sun
rousing as I read about the car on its roof, all full
of sea and the man they pulled out, pulled out dead
at the scene: that’s you, I thought, that’s you, being
pulled from a car in the sea on its back in the long long winter

now the trees are loud loud in birth and while I sit reading
the flies are waking up, waking up and taking off
into the blue sky, the full scene of the sun rousing
and the blossom, the crisp blossom puckers up blue
around its folds: it wasn’t you; somehow the trees
know this and so continue to give birth and, relieved,
I become attuned of the weeds that need tending



Picture Credit: From this random list of car accidents 1930-40

Avialble at  http://www.vintag.es/2013/08/old-photos-of-car-accidents-in-1940s.html



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