FullSizeRenderToday’s prompt was to write a fortuitous poem. Not feeling especially lucky today, I really liked this prompt.



as always I was a day behind
as always the trees bent leftways
and the wind sung out against the city
in the voice of the lonely wolf

better still to find it there, cast out of some driver’s window,
or expelled from the bowels of some black sack lumbered
across the carpark by some cursing person on their way to a Datsun
whose engine won’t turn over, or worse, one that will, the back tyre shattering
its plastic to cheap diamonds in the sun. Better still to find it than
to have the sole of some shit encrusted trainer skid it across the tarmac
or for it to be bulldozed by rain, better still it was found before that fate;
already its label had faded to almost illegible: For J (stars around the name)
trade you my forever for that night again, D xxx
better still to slide into my back pocket and carry it home, a day behind
and forgotten until a week goes by, maybe another and as I’m sorting
clothes for laundry my finger finds the teeth of its white wheels,
its thin veil of tape unravelling gently. It takes time to make a mixtape,
commitment, not like dragging a list and burning a disc in seconds,
you had to get decks in sync, you had to listen, to learn
when to pause

I find the tape deck in the garage and set it up upon the counter;
there is already a tape inside, Now That’s What I Call Music! I ignore
the irony, locate a pencil to set the spools right, slide it in, hit play



Credit to Fionn Regan for the image stolen from this song https://vimeo.com/27904405



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