Today’s prompt was to write a poem  from various perspectives. I struggled a bit with this, I recall a similar prompt several years ago which resulted in a poem I’m still fond of. Anyhow, this is what I got.

Places to Seek a Solution:


i. through a web
of tall pines
as they cradle
the snow

ii. through the zip
of an eye
as the surly sun

iii. by the skin
of the pond
as it carries
the swan

iv. past the mist
of the mountains
that rise
bold and wizened

v. on a blanket
of shells
crushed back
into dust

vi. from the spine
of a track
leading on
towards home

towards home
towards home
towards home
that you know
like the feel of a heart
caving in on itself

Picture credit: Arthur Heming available at https://publicdomainreview.org/2015/09/02/tribal-life-in-old-lyme-canadas-colorblind-chronicler-and-his-connecticut-exile/




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