Today’s prompt  was to write a elegy poem. Well, this is sort of that, inspired (in title and spirit by this poem  by Richard Siken, which is not a elegy poem but is awesome. Audio here.

Litany in Which I Am the Only Thing Crossed Out

– After Richard Siken

Maybe fire
Maybe a stoic flame that burns
through stubborn lists of years; this is the type
of thing that passes when we
can be forgiven

The moon noosed on its axis
each slow star appears to me corrupt
too heavy for its sackcloth; drag
the whole lot tumbling down

Please forgive this rambling
the blossom falls to falls to sleep
while I was thinking of the father
that you are yet to be

These stillborn years were wasted
patience makes a heart shaped womb
and takes it for a hiding place
much darker than this loss

Now dawn swings in diluted
like something biological
and I recite past violence
executed as art.


Picture credit: Tableau d’Astronomie via Bibliodyssey

Available here: http://www.remodelaholic.com/25-free-vintage-astronomy-printable-images/



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