Today’s official prompt was to write a recipe poem. The Poetry School‘s prompt echoed yesterday’s Kay Ryan-esque poem of short lines… two birds: one stone! Audio here :^)


Recipe for freedom:

Go deep
where the sun
rarely reaches,
where the snow-
drops kneel,
pale in prayer
with the earth.
Take bark rubbings,
a Polaroid
picture; skeleton
leaves for holding
your place
on the page.
Find the fox
in the snare
stacked between
birches, bristling
like kindling –
its pelt a rare flame;
yearling vixen,
warm in its winter
coat, lift its limp
body, soft and bloody
in your hands.
Its cries, echo
forward, echo
to an ancient hurt,
echo to a vacancy,
lodged in your chest.


Picture Credit: ‘Fox’ Winslow Homer. Available at http://vintageprintable.swivelchairmedia.com/animal/animal-dogs-all-kinds/



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