GloPoWriMo: April 19th


Today’s prompt  was to write a didactic poem. So I did :^)

How to Love a Beast:


a beast is a noble creature
unfathomably proud

however, beasts that cannot pronounce
their words are unlikely to communicate
at all past a growl.

Consider that touch, to a beast,
is as important as taste.
Lips are sensitive, tongues perceptive.

If you attempt to tame
the wildest appetite
expect injury {emotional or corporeal}.

Monogamy, to a beast
is an unnatural act
{though attachments grow strong}

and pressuring your beast
into formal commitment
can result in savage attacks.

Embrace the excess fur
and non-religious hygiene
of your beast’s affection.

One may find, once loved by a beast
that you spend many happy moons
in each other’s companionship.




image from here


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