GloPoWriMo: April 13th



Today’s prompt  was to write a fortune cookie poem. I happened to find this enormously brilliant database  (!) of fortunes, and picked a few of my favourites.

At least your shoes                          in case of fire
make you happy today.                  keep calm, pay bill and run.

A merry heart does good               the love of your life is stepping
like a medicine                                 into your planet this summer,

Sometimes you just need               human evolution:
to lay on the floor                            wider lanes, narrower viewpoint –

All your fingers                                in music, one must think
can’t be the same length               with the heart.

They say you are stubborn;           I think you swallowed your fortune
you call it persistence                    while you were eating your cookie




3 thoughts on “GloPoWriMo: April 13th

  1. Oh, i shall pay the bill, but you best have that “to go” ready for me as well, before the restaurant is in cinders 😀
    I loved your picks very much! One of the reasons I like wacky things like fortune cookies is that at least something acknowledges that shoes can make one happy!

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