GloPoWroMo: April 11th


Today’s prompt  was to write a poem intricately describing a something/place before adding some pizzazz in the shape of a completely abstract last line. (Inexplicably,) I had the urge to try a sestina – a six line, six stanza form with very strict rules about lexical repetition.  I don’t know why, I’ve not tried one before and forms aren’t usually my bag.

However… I have run out of time, so I only have a sestina-duo, but at least its a start! I have (inexplicably) also added the bonus challenge of containing myself to six syllables per line. I don’t know why. That’s not part of the sestina.



Greedily the bee moves
from blossom to blossom,
the slightness of his wings
sing a low lone humming.
He dawdles – drunk, swollen
and heavy with his work.

The sun makes light work:
my shadow shifts and moves.
The peach tree grows swollen
startling into blossom.
Spring is set to humming.
A swallow spreads its wings.

Everything becomes bitter in the end.





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