GloPoWriMo: April 9th

Today’s prompt  was to write a poem which contains a line we are afraid to write. After an entire day of writing poems for my next essay I am tired of writing poems today. I saw this quote* written on the transport update board in Angel tube station yesterday.  I can’t remember who it was quoted from though, and a google search offered no help other than a bunch of boke** inducing tumblr quote posters. So, with this stolen quote in mind, I offer this prose poem before I go sink a beer. ;^)

*Sorry to whoever’s quote I have stolen. I still give you credit, mystery love guru

**Boke – an Irish word for puke/yak/vom


‘Do not look for someone to love to complete you,
look for someone who’ll love you completely’

A nice sentiment, dear but what if this isn’t enough? because
being completely loved doesn’t mean being understood or even worshiped.
it doesn’t mean the artist in you is going to be the bit
he is completely berserk about.
sometimes it’s this part he is least sure of
like the broken parts of your brain are not dazzling
and you can see the whites of his eyes like you’re casually springing
open the trap for his big bear paw and not just writing a poem.
and being loved completely brings its own set of ideas
about how love should behave; sometime this will involve doing his washing.
it will mean loving him when he has been drinking beer
and has begotten oh so loud, that even if you’re not with him
you’ll still cringe a little at the thought. loving completely doesn’t stop
being love at rough edges nor stamp an iron over them and be done
all the while shaking its head and tutting, why can’t he iron his own damn shirts?
you’d have thought we’d have this figured out by now,
that it would get easier with all these years. that loving completely
would be as natural as breathing or as automatic
as the way we end with I love you. on the phone.
and in a way it is and I suppose this is what still scares me.





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