GloPoWriMo: April 7th



Today’s prompt  was to write a tritina. For someone who dislikes the constraints of recognised forms this was surprising enjoyable. I hope my slightly cheaty last line still counts?  I’ve written on the romance between land and sea plenty of times, but this may have to find its way into the sequence…

the land philosophically ponders the sea:

primordial beast, gambling fool,
gone and lost your thread of sky,
thrashing round this world as if your waves

would weather us. maybe your pulse of waves
has the moon on a chain but these clouds are fools-
colour drunk on your surf, transporting to the sky

the rain of your cries – so easy for the sky
when syncopated in the glitter of waves
to stir vanity, rainbow arcs of light. fool

to mix wonder in a skyful of waves.


NB: Credit to Mr Alan Isakov for the image of a gambling fool:









4 thoughts on “GloPoWriMo: April 7th

  1. Haha, I think that last line is pushing the rules of this poetry form just a tad, but it’s creative writing after and rules are meant to be broken đŸ˜‰ Lovely poem you’ve written here!

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